The purpose of this page is in case I end up needing to move part of the initial page to this one in order to make it load better.

The reason why I even thought of creating such a page was that I was told that I had too many things going on (on the initial home page) for it to load quickly.

Right at the moment, it seems to be loading fine and dandy (but this might vary from computer to computer, so we'll see what happens in the future), so I'm just going to use this as a kind of whatever page for........whatever!  L 🙃 L

Look for me to post various, little tidbits on it that will stay here on a temporary basis.

Enuf sed!!!

If you want to return to first part of home page, click here.

Until you decide to do that,

just scroll down and see what there is to see





Right now, there's absolutely nothing to see besides this, but that will change when I get A ROUND TUIT...😋