Mar. 16, 2018

It's The Day Before St. Patrick's Day 2018, And...

I've got a whole lot of news to report, but will be back here to report it a little later...

And it's later and I'm back and ready to catch you up with the latest.

It's hard to believe that it has been so long since I made an entry in this Larry blog. Time has a way of flying by.

Anyway, the purpose of this particular entry is to catch you up in a big way.

As you know from the entry right before this, Larry counted his 15,000,000th tab on Tuesday, October 31, 2017 at 4:59 AM.

Here are three very special current newsbits:

1. Larry counted his 16,000,000th tab on Tuesday, March 13, at 5:47 PM and is now hoping to have counted his 17,000,000th one before he goes to Indianapolis in mid-July.

2. I made a Tweet sequence about him earlier today, and this is the link that will take you to it:

3. If you would like to mail tabs to him, you can send them to this address:

Larry Van Ness
c/o Old National Bank
1501 North Broadway

I didn't quite make it when I said that I would get this posted while it was still March 16 here in Anderson, Indiana -- but I didn't do too badly, as not even 12:30 AM yet.

Happy St. Patrick's Day To You!!!

Oops!!! I almost forgot to tell you a couple of things:

The first thing is that, if you'd also like to have a website here, please use the link found in the lower part of the right-hand margin as I'll get credited for inviting you.

Another thing has to do with my guestbook and comment-leaving.  For starters, contributions don't automatically post, as I have things set so that I can approve everything before it gets shown.  So far, I haven't rejected any posts yet.

I like to provide a place for people who drop by for a visit to share their websites whether it's a family/personal website, a business website, a good cause website, a crowdfunder website, a personal blog, a profile page at a social media site, an Instagram site, or something else entirely.

So you won't be wasting your time sending them, I will NOT display sites that are any, some, or all of the following:
racist, satanic, glorifying violence, making fun of handicaps, being otherwise hurtful, endorsing psychotropic drugs, promoting drunkeness, encouraging assisted suicide/euthanasia...etc.  Anyway, if a site/blog is questionable in these or any other ways, they likely wouldn't be a good fit here.

On this note, I will sign off.