Nov. 29, 2016

Dew Drop Inn

I'm going to do the short form now, as I'm in a hurry to get to where I want you to get to, too!

Anyway, Larry and I are being picked up at three-thirty and taken over to Ronald McDonald House, and this is why.

This open-house is going to be from 4-7 this evening.  I would have shared this earlier, but I haven't had the chance to get online a lot.

A lot has been happening lately, and I'll probably fill you in a bit more tonight.

However, I just wanted to get this invitation out to you in hopes that you'll drop by.

Before I sign off for now, I want to share a couple of places at Facebook where you'll be able to find pages about Larry.

One has been created by Rachel Tranbarger Landers


The Other has been created by Raina Vautaw Rigney 


Anyway, check out the wonderful open-house, try to drop by, and let your friends know, too.

Here's the address:

435 Limestone Street, Indianapolis, IN 46202

Please do come--and, if you have any, please bring along some soda pop tabs, with or without the cans still attached!

That's all for now, as I need to get ready to go there, and time is growing short...