Oct. 24, 2016

Updates Galore!!!

I think of October 24 as being the anniversary of when Larry and I became friends, but, these days, I'm thinking that this might have happened, perhaps, a week earlier.

Anyway, sometime in October of 2013 a couple of memorable (and somewhat-connected) things happened:

One of those things was meeting Larry (actually, it was the third time of meeting him -- at least! -- but this was the milestone time when we became friends to where we didn't end up losing track of each other).

I'm thinking that it was a couple of days before then that I went over to Muncie to apply for an apartment at Gillespie Tower -- only to find out that I was #46 on the waiting list, and it would be (estimate of our leasing agent, Anna) at least three months before an apartment became available and could be as much as six months.

Anyway, I'm going to be sharing a story about October of 2013 when I get the chance, and you'll be able to find it developing by visiting this blog-entry and waiting for me to make postings as the story progresses.

At this time, my time online is limited, so I can't say for sure then this will be happening -- all I can say is just to keep looking.

It's like what Anna told me about going ahead and filling out an application so that I would end up as part of the waiting list, even if I were no longer looking for an apartment by the time my name came up.

All I know is this:  Had getting an available apartment been the shoo-in that was predicted by my goddaughter and her extra dad (a really neat guy whose nickname is Smurf), I would have, likely, been spending my time moving into it instead of driving along North Broadway that chilly, drizzly October morning three years ago and seeing this wonderful, fuzzy guy out waving at passers-by and wondering if he needed a ride somewhere.

This year's holiday event at Ronald McDonald House Of Indiana is called Home for the Holidays Open House & Giving Tuesday will be held this year on November 29 ( a Tuesday, of course).  Not sure what time yet.  Hopefully, I'll have more $$$ by that time so that I can afford to get to and from there, as my S.S.I. check wouldn't have arrived by that time.  Please keep me in your prayers re: this.

Anyway, Larry has almost reached the halfway mark to getting 13 million tabs (since he began back in 2003), and I still think that he can make it all the way to 13,000,000, so please keep those tabs heading his way.  If you have cans, he appreciates those, too, as they help him to add to his fixed income.

Anyway, one of the little ones whose familiy is benefitting from RMH is continuing to make very positive progress.  Please go here to get the latest updates on Princess Pickle.

This is where I need to start signing off, as I don't have much more time in the library today.  However (God willing and the creek don't rise...), I'll be back online tomorrow and Thursday, so I should be getting more things done.

Anyway, if I remember correctly, the number of tabs between Larry and his 13,000,000 tab when we talked last night way 519,715.  Either that, or 513,715.  But, no matter, the number will, likely below 500,000 by the time he and I talk again on Wednesday.

One more thing...I've been hearing that, more sooner than later, Larry will be getting his very own Facebook page.  I'll be keeping you posted on that one.  All I know is that I can hardly wait for that to happen!  Anyway, I'll make sure that you know about this when it happens...