Oct. 5, 2016

(VERY) Possible (NEAR) Future CanMan Sighting!!!


Here's the very possible (I'd say at least 99.999 % possible) near-future (as in sometime this evening -- which happens to be Wednesday, October 4, 2016) CanMan sighting:

The location of said sighting (IF it occurs -- and I have more reasons than not to believe that it will) is going to be taking place right here:

Anderson, Indiana's own Ponderosa Steak House! (more details contained in link)

Here's something fun to do, if you're on Facebook:

Click Here &  Here to see how many pictures of this adorable guy you can find when he's enjoyed Ponderosa in the past.

If you were at Anderson Public Library (the main branch in Anderson that was made from a renovated Sears store -- more on that in a little bit) yesterday, you would have probably spotted both of us here, as this was where we met for a really neat visit.

I got to see his face light up when I gave him several tabs (some filling bags that were given to me by various people to pass on to him, and some that I've either collected myself or else had given to me in smaller amounts to give to Larry).  I also gave him a big bag full of items that he could recycle.

Have you read about the unusual way we met and just how extensive what makes Larry Larry is?  You can click here to do that when you find time!

Anyway, Larry had told me that he would be up at the library around one in the afternoon.

However, thanks to  a ride from one of his favorite nurses, he was actually able to get here about two hours early.

I was working on a very special blog-entry (more about that shortly) when I felt somebody gently poke me -- and I wasn't at all surprised to find out that this poke came from Larry who was looking like a cute, little, mischievous elf!!!

Of course, I put my writing project on the proverbial back-burner to be finished later.

When "later" arrived, I finished it!  I hope you'll read it, as it's loaded with lots of important (my opinion, anyway) information.

If you happen to be going to Ponderosa tonight, be sure to bring some tabs along to give to Larry.  During our visit, he told me that he was now 577,000 (plus a bit more, but he couldn't remember how much at the time) away from getting his 13,000,000th tab!

Of course, he's probably at a considerably-lower first-three numbers by now.

As far as I know, he and I will be talking some tonight.  He might or might not have a new exact stat to share with me.  We shall see.

I know ONE thing for sure (if he DOES end up making it to Ponderosa tonight -- and I believe his friend, Rachel, has every intention of getting him there and making sure that his cute, little tummy gets all filled-up), and that is that he'll probably have a lot to tell me tonight.

There's something soooooooooo endearing about the way that he shares exciting news.

More times than not, he will be going along telling about this event and that event while punctuating each activity with an enthusiastic "AND" -- What a heartmelter he is!!!

Hopefully, his "AND" - punctuated sharing will include people coming up to him to give him tabs.  Will you, the reader, be one of those people!  Hope so!!!

Here's a bit of trivia for you:

1.  The Sears building from which this library was made was built back in 1947.

2.  One of the things that Larry likes to get to recycle is gently-used Reynolds Wrap -- which came out in 1947.

3.  On February 17, 2017, Larry will be turning 70 years young -- meaning that he was born in 1947.

1947 is a pretty neat year -- the same one that saw the wedding of my mom and dad:

Lillian Ainsley Jobe & Raymond Woodford Phillips

Those two were still on their honeymoon at the time that my dad passed away on Groundhog Day 2004 (just six days before my folks would have celebrated 57 years of marriage).

So, in February of 1947, a couple of eternal honeymooners got married, and an amazing baby boy was born -- and who knew that this miracle baby with so many health issues to overcome would grow up to become Anderson, Indiana's own CanMan!!!

I wonder what "Princess Pickle" (That's the nickname of Rilynn Michelle Tracy -- as you'll learn when you get the chance to read more about her) will be like when she turns 70 years young...

A vintage time!

 Other wonderful things happened in that year with at least three more of them taking place in February: the 55th birthday of my paternal grandpa (Chester Woodford Phillips -- on the same day as my folks' wedding: February 8) & the births of a pair of really super guys named Richard (Feb. 7) and Charlie (Feb. 15) who stole my heart in 1977 and 1979.

As you've probably figured out by now, I love comparing important milestones.  Did you realize, for instance, that Indiana's birthday is the day before mine (but our Hoosier state just happens to be about about 136 years older)?

This year will be Indiana's Bicentennial Year -- and I'm going to be celebrating my Paul McCartney Birthday.

And I'd better finish this, as I'm about to be kicked off of here for a little bit...