Jul. 11, 2016

Twelve Going On Thirteen!!!

Before I begin, here's the last thing I posted here on the late morning of Saturday, July 9...


Now, I know which one of those options I'm going for first -- #4 ...

This is going to be a two-part entry with the first part made on Monday, July 11, and, more likely than not, added to on Thursday, July 14.

Part one is going to be short & sweet:

I talked to Larry last night, and he told me that he was at 21,515 away from getting to 12,000,000 tabs saved for Ronald McDonald House Of Indiana since he began doing this in 2003.

He told me that he estimated that he had between two and three thousand tabs to count between the time that we hung up and he turned in for the night.

That would be all of the tabs he would have until people brought him some more.

This would put him at 19,000 or less from reaching his goal.

He'd love to have the entire 12,000,000 reached before he leaves for Indianapolis on Wednesday.

I told him that I thought he would, likely, have the number -- and then some! -- by the end of July 11.

Anyway, the next time I come on here, I'll be filling you in on the details, as I'm sure that he's going to reach that goal!

Of course, a lot of this is up to you, so I hope that, if you live in his area, you'll bring as many tabs past his place as you can and encourage others you know to do the same.

You'll feel really blessed when you see his sweet, beautiful face light up like Christmas and The Fourth Of July combined!!!

Anyway, I'm going to stop for now and update you (God willing and the creek don't rise!) this coming Thursday!!!

Another thing:  If you're in the Indianapolis area, stop by to meet Larry.  He'll be arriving this Wednesday at Indy's Downtown Hampton Inn (and staying there until checking out the following Wednesday) and will be on Monument Circle on Friday during the festivities!

To Be Continued... 🙂

July 14, 2016...

I'm continuing this post from the last time.

For some reason, I seem to be in slow-motion today  --  actually, probably a combination of SEVERAL reasons with one of them being that my worn out-shoes are wearing me out!!!

Hmmmmm...Take the g off of wearing and replace it with an apostrophe, and you would have a great title for a country song!

Anyway, my original plans were to be in Downtown Muncie by about nine in the morning, but nine crept up pretty close to noon before I actually left my place.

Anyway, it was not too far from noon by the time I got to my first destination:  getting enough cash from the bank to pay for my transportation and any other things that a handy plastic card can't cover for one reason or another.

Next stop was at a place called Chesterfield's.  I was originally going to have breakfast there.  Then, I thought it would be brunch.  Turned out to be lunch, and it was yummy!!!

This bakery and deli is a working lab for culinary students at the Muncie area Ivy Tech, and you get food that's tasty, unique, and inexpensive.  It's a cash-only establishment (no plastic, checks, or food stamps), and the money goes to help students get educated.

But -- before I tell you about the rest of my day -- I want to give you the date and time...

I'm talking about THE date and time!!!



July 12, 2016

at 7:28 in the evening, Anderson, Indiana USA time,

Larry Eugene "The CanMan" Van Ness

counted his

12,000,000th tab


Ronald McDonald House Of Indiana

since he began doing this back in



As I'm writing this, he's already been in Indianapolis since yesterday -- and, by tonight, I'll be down there, too, in order to be there in time for the festivities going on tomorrow!

I think I'm going to go ahead and post this much so that there's no chance that this addition will get "eaten" in case the computer decides to act up...

She's B-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-CK!!!

I think I'm going to write a few other things while I have time, and I'm going to tell you about the rest of the time in Indy next time I'm online again.  Possibly, I might add a little bit more to this even later, but I think what's most important to let you know now are the following bits of info:

1.  Thanks to Richland Township Fire Department (who brought Larry what he estimated to be well over 100,000 tabs -- and, likely, inching close to 150,000 tabs!) our precious CanMan has been given a BIG boost into going for 13,000,000 being counted by or before this December when he returns to Indy to attend the holiday open house at Ronald McDonald House.  He'll be working on those tabs when he returns to Anderson next Wednesday.

2.  Larry says that he has counted more tabs in a short time than he's EVER counted, so -- for the most part -- he's going to be taking a vacation from counting during his time in Indy.  Except for tabs already collected for him by the hotel as well as those collected for him by the people at Downtown Indy's Hard Rock Cafe.  

However, that doesn't mean that he's not accepting tabs from other people, so feel free to drop by Hampton Inn, and you just might catch him in the lobby so that you can give him tabs in person.  If he's not there, you can always leave them at the desk.  Hopefully, he'll be there when you're there so that you can see that beautiful face of his light up.

If he doesn't find any spare time to count the tabs you give him at the hotel (while he's there), rest assured that all tabs will be counted with TLC after he's back home again.  He's thankful for each one he receives, because every single tab gets together with other tabs and makes a wonderful difference in the lives of sick children and their families!

3.  And, on this note, I'm going to finish this post and do this & that online until time for the library to close.

After that, I'm planning on going over to The Downtown Farm Stand to have a light supper before going to wait for the bus to Indy.

One final thing:

Be sure to check back to this page where I'm going to be kept very busy each time I get around a computer writing stories to go with all of those titles I've put down: