Jul. 8, 2016

About Time To Return To Muncie...

Before I get started writing this latest update, here's the link to what I wrote last:


It has been an interesting trip, and I have a lot to tell, but it looks as if, tonight, I won't really have time to get into things except to say that I'm continuing to be excited about Larry's not being far away from getting to his 12,000,000 and starting on his 13,000,000.

It's highly unlikely that I'll be seeing Larry again during the time that he's still counting towards 12,000,000  --  so what I'm saving now will be going towards his 13,000,000.

It's amazing that I've already found quite a few tabs -- both attached to cans and just lying around randomly.  This morning, I even found a tab on the floor of the 10th Street Post Office here in Anderson right over close to where my box is.

But I had a super day today but won't be able to have time to share it until tomorrow during the short time I'll be in the library before catching The Miller Bus back.

TTFN!!!  Keep those tabs heading Larry's way -- both with and without cans attached!!!