Jul. 7, 2016

Part Three Of A Cool Story...

Before we get started on the third part of this story, I want to share the link to the previous entry...


This entry is under construction, as I'm going to be bouncing it off of at least one other piece of writing...

Okay!  I'm back to tell you where to find the "at least one other piece of writing" that I mentioned in the previous paragraph.

You can go here and, then, click on the link that says "Napoleon XIV -- I'm Learning More About You!!!"

I'm going to be saving the misadventures of my minivan and me for another entry, as I've made this one complicated enough that I'd better work with what I have (especially, since it looks as if I'll be getting kicked off off here in a couple of minutes).

Fortunately, I was able to get right back on after getting kicked off, so here I am...

Most of what I was going to say here about Larry today is already part of the Napoleon XIV piece -- which (due to writing site rules, I haven't linked from here but, instead, from the growing directory of writings I've created with an entry in one of my Blogger blogs).

After today, I have one more full day in Anderson and will be returning to Muncie on the early Miller Bus so that I won't miss out on Saturday afternoon Bible study with Anna.

I'll be online early on Saturday and, then, won't be back on until at least Monday -- and not for too long then.

I'm looking forward to going down to Indianapolis Thursday evening to be there for the Ronald McDonald House doings on Monument Circle on Friday.  The way it looks now, I'll be taking a bus to and from Muncie both ways.

Larry said that there might be considerable rain happening right on the day of the big festivities, but we both hope not.

So far, July's weather has been pretty decent.

I still need to take some time to get all of this information noised around various places, so I'm going to sign off for now and will, hopefully, get back with you tomorrow after I do some shopping.