Jul. 6, 2016

Part Two Of A Cool Story...

For starters...Here's the link to Part One:





It's now 11:20 a.m. on Wednesday, July 6, 2016 when I'm starting to write this.


I've actually been at the library since it opened at 9;30 a.m.  But, of course, there were several things needing done before beginning this entry.


For one thing, I had to correct a mistake in the first part of this story.  Sheesh!!!  Sometimes, I think my brain is turning to sawdust...


Anyway, here I am now writing this.  One thing I'm doing is to avoid Facebook like the plague -- or, unable to go to such extremes, at least don't have it going on all of the time, because anybody with a Facebook account knows that it can be a tad distracting, and I need to stay on-task so that I can actually get this entry finished before it's time for the last bus to the south side of Anderson to leave the station -- with or without me!


Soooooooooo.........Where was I?


Oh yes!  I was telling about my little project of a couple of years ago around this time.


Anyway, AJ's Groovy Igloo was still running instead of being parked on a friend's farm waiting to be repaired at some future date (that I hope will be NEAR future), but it was thirstier than a team of horses, so I was having to stop and water it frequently.


I had these slips of paper with me that had the URL to what I'd written about a law I was hoping to get on the books called Lillian's Law (named after my mom) that would make it more difficult for people to get away with making repeated frivolous calls to Adult Protective Services with the result being that freedom of choice being taken from people who were still competent to make their own choices.


At this one place the young woman who was clerking (It was, in fact, a family-run place, and she was the daughter) mentioned originally being from Anderson -- which led me to ask if she had ever heard of The CanMan.  She hadn't, so I decided to educate her.


I took one of the slips of paper and wrote some information about Larry on the back of it  -- and this would end up giving me the idea of writing a message on the back of every one of those slips (over

200 in order to take care of both giving them to members of both the House & State Senate, people involved with the media, and any others who might be interested).


Not only would people who could help be told about Lillian's Law but they would also be learning about Larry.


One person who I'd especially wanted to get the information was Governor Mike Pence.  I had been at the visitation for William "Bill" Hardacre a few months earlier and had seen him there.  We had talked some -- and, afterwards, I could have kicked myself for not asking him about how to get Larry honored in a certain way (I'm keeping this a secret for now, as it hasn't been done yet, and I want him to be surprised).


Anyway, I was determined to make one of my stops at this office in our Capitol Building.


But I'm getting ahead of myself.


I was sitting in my minivan writing the message over and over again when I thought it would be much better if I had a place where I could sit and write at a table or desk.


This was when I discovered that University Heights United Methodist Church (the church on our campus -- both the campus church and the neighborhood church) was open, and the staff on duty were more than happy to get me set up in a cozy place.


But they didn't stop with that -- After hearing Larry's story, they produced a HUGE, clear-glass jug that was filled from one end to the other with aluminum tabs!!!  They said that this had been some sort of project for the kids sometime back but that they had forgotten just where the tabs were supposed to go, so they said that it looked as if the tabs were meant to go to Larry!


I'm going to get ahead of myself at this point to let you know that the expression on Larry's face when he saw that jug a few days later was priceless!!!


I was also able to get more cans and/or tabs for Larry here and there on campus with one place being Krannert Memorial Library where I was given some more tabs by a very nice and helpful librarian named Jill.  As with the people at the church, she said that she wasn't sure just which cause they were originally meant to help out, but that she couldn't think of anything better than to give them to Larry.

Anyway, I really enjoyed visiting my old campus again.  Our current University President (Robert Manuel) had sent out an invitation for alumni to come visit the campus and see all of the changes.


Back when I was in school there, I thought it was a really great place just the way that it was -- so you can imagine just how positively-amazed I was at how much better it had gotten since way back when!!!

Larry and I have talked about visiting both the campus and the church to thank everybody personally for all they've done to help with Larry's mission -- but, of course, there's that itsy-bitsy issue with AJ's Groovy Igloo.

Ditto to that sweet employee of our greatly-improved (and I thought it was absolutely-yummy way-back-when) dining hall named Annie!  If you see her, let her know that I haven't forgotten her and hope we can get in touch again very soon.  We have a lot of catching up to do -- for one thing, I'm not not only no longer homeless but, also, am about to return to my hometown of Anderson to live after living in Muncie for almost two years.  You can read more about this by going HERE and reading the first entry you come to (click on it) called 

HERE I GO!!! …………..

One of these times when I have more time, I want to tell you about that wonderful vacation I took in July of 2014, but I'll save that for another time.

I had written several pieces about it at the erstwhile Bubblews, but this familiar melody reminds me of what happened to them.  I was able to save some of my items from there when they were also copied other places.  Sadly, however, many are *totally* history (unless there's some way to retrieve them).  That's not really right!  Oh well! I'm being more careful when it comes to preserving my work these days.  Something similar also happened at Epinions when it changed format.

Anyway -- back to my original train-of-thought -- everybody in Mike Pence's office were really nice.  It turned out that it was too late for what I'd originally planned to be put together that quickly, but our Governor offered to get something put together for Larry called an Excellence In Service award.

To make a long story short...Larry was *totally* not expecting anything like this.

I wish I had been able to make it down to Monument Circle that year to see him get it -- and I actually was on my way down but started having trouble with my minivan going into one of its overheating episodes every few miles.

But Larry told me about it later.

He said that he had heard an announcement being made about a presentation of an award but that he thought that it was going to be for somebody else.

He said that he "about laid an egg" when his name was called.  He said that he nearly started crying.

And -- meanwhile with AJ's Groovy Igloo and me... --but more on that in Part Three...
For now, I just want to take time to thank everybody who has gotten behind Larry and all of the good he does!!!  God Bless All Of You!!!