Jul. 5, 2016

Part One Of A Cool Story...

Here it is July 5, 2016 -- and I have so much to tell you!


Before I go on, here's a link to my last entry:




Well -- I have both good and bad news about that hamburger and hot dog cook-out to raise funds for Riley Children's Hospital.


The bad news is that it got cancelled for happening on The Fourth Of July because of the threat of rain that turned out not to even materialize.


The good news is that it wasn't cancelled in the sense of having to wait an entire year for it to happen.  It's going to be rescheduled really soon.


I'm not sure when it will be rescheduled.  More than likely, I won't be in attendance but, instead, back in Muncie.  But I'll be there in spirit, so be sure to eat some for me, too!


How wonderful to have such a great excuse to eat hearty!!!  LOL


One thing that DIDN'T get cancelled was the amazing south-side-of-Anderson fireworks that were launched from somewhere over at Hoosier Park and watched by me from a comfy booth at 53rd Street Pizza Hut where I was pampered by a very efficient and friendly waiter named Keith.

It's common knowledge that most fireworks shows have a grand finale at the very end (which is why it's called a finale -- and it's grand because it's simply that:  grand!).


Well, last night's fireworks (which lasted around 46 minutes) were so good all along that I was wondering how the finale could be even more grand -- but it was!!!


Great show, Hoosier Park!!!

The last time Larry and I talked (July 2), he was 137,000 plus a few more away from getting to that 12,000,000th tab.

Today, I noticed on Sheila's Timeline that the number has dwindled to 90,000. ( ***  EMERGENCY EDIT made on July 6, 2016:     Larry told me that I should have made that 93,000, so this is what I'm doing now.  More details in the next part of this cool story...*** )  I wonder what it will be down to when Larry and I talk tonight...


I'm now going to tell you about what I was doing around this time two years ago -- actually, it began a few days before.


Actually, it began even before then, but it was a fitting way to spend a Fourth Of July vacation.


For the past few months before then, I had been thinking about getting an honor for Larry that I thought he deserved.  I also was thinking about sharing something I'd come up with as a tribute to my mom and a help to others like her.

I wrote about the latter at the now erstwhile writing/social media site called Bubblews.  Sadly, what I wrote has now fallen into one of Cyberspace's black holes, but I'm going to give you a summary of it:

Lillian's Law was about making it more difficult for somebody to get another person/family into "the system" by repeated calls to Adult Protective Services (which is definitely what happened in our case).  Don't even get me started on this!

But, in short, I made up a bunch of slips of paper giving the information about how to get to what I'd written with plans to give one to each member of the Indiana House & Senate along with other interested parties.

As you know, my minivan was still running then but was starting to give me trouble, so I was taking my time driving down to Indianapolis as I was in no hurry.


It was The Fourth Of July Weekend, and nobody would be at The State House until the following Monday, as July 4 fell on Friday in 2014.

Anyway, I stopped at this convenience store with pumps shortly after it became July 4 to put some gas in AJ's Groovy Igloo and some water in the radiator.

Over the weekend, I would visit the campus of my Alma Mater (University of Indianapolis) to take in the changes to our campus along with watching the fireworks going up in Downtown Indy and the surrounding area.

It just so happened that the clerk at the convenience store had Anderson connections, so I asked her if she had heard of The CanMan.  She hadn't, so I told her about him and wrote down his address and phone number for her on the back of one of the slips of paper I'd made out with the info about Lillian's Law.

That was when I got this wild idea to write the information on ALL of the slips of paper and kill two birds with one stone:
1.  Introduce the idea of Lillian's Law.

2.  Introduce Larry to a whole new bunch of people.

Anyway, I'm going to have to continue this story tomorrow, because I'm running out of time today...

(to be continued)