Jul. 1, 2016

Will He? or Won't He?

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I talked to Larry last night, and he told me that he had 137,000 and something to go.  At the time, he had counted all of the tabs that he had and wasn't sure just how many more he was going to be getting, so he said that he wasn't going to get his hopes up re: getting to the 12,000,000 by when he leaves for Indianapolis.

However, Sheila and I are predicting that he'll have all of the tabs (and then some) by July 9.

What's your take on things?

Today, I did some shopping.

I had hoped to get a couple of disposable cameras to take with me, but the place where I usually get them had sold out and didn't plan to re-stock.

I know that Larry was able to get his cameras from there, so he was probably the one who beat me to them.

It looks as if I'm going to have to check around to other places and see who's still carrying them.

Hopefully, I can find a place that is at least close in price to where I'd been getting them.

It might be that I'll have to settle for one camera instead of two.

The bus driver who got me to my shopping destination is one of Larry's cousins, and she's really sweet.

I actually met her before I knew that she was Larry's cousin -- or even knew that she was a bus driver, as she was one of the people who helped me out when my minivan was overheating.

It certainly is a small world!

Next week, some people from the local newspaper are going to be doing a story on him, as this is the most tabs that he's had in his apartment at one time!

Tomorrow, I'm not going to be doing anything else (during library hours) besides getting to the library and getting online.  I'm not sure about what I'm going to be writing about tomorrow, but I believe you'll like it.

One of the things I'll be writing about is a local Fourth Of July event that goes along with what Larry does.  That's all I'm going to say about it for now...