Jun. 30, 2016

More Days Online For The Next Several Days!!!

I'm back in Anderson for a visit, so the only days I won't be online will be Sunday and Independence Day.

Before I share the latest news, I'm going to share a link to my last entry here about a very special princess...


Okay!  On with the news! ...

Larry shared his latest count with me on Tuesday night.  At the time, he was just 147,465 away from 12,000,000 tabs counted.

By now, I'm sure that that number has dwindled at least a bit more in the right direction.  More than likely, I'll be finding out the latest from him tonight.

I'll report that to you when I get back on here.  Before I'm back on here, I'm going to be going shopping to pick up various items.  One of those items will be disposable cameras in preparation for going down to Indy on July 15 (will probably actually go on July 14 in order to be there on time the next day) to the big doings on Monument Circle.

Not only will these cameras be for recording the RMH Pop-Tab & Coin Drop-Off but, also, will be to make memories in Muncie, as it looks as if I'll be back to living in Anderson by or before September.

One of these days (probably, during this visit to Anderson), I'm going to tell you more about how my move to Muncie and meeting Larry are related to each other.  It's an interesting story.

In fact, I've already written part of it.

I've been through some challenging times here in the past several years -- soul-trying times at times -- but God has used those times to bless not only me but, also, several others (including Larry).

But it's now time to go catch the last city bus of the day, so I'm going to sign off for now...