Jun. 28, 2016

Hello, Darrah! Thanks For The Inspiration!

I'm here at Muncie's Downtown Library about to make another entry in this blog.

Not a lot new to tell you except that things are chuggin' right along (as Uncle Kermit is known to say).

Before I get started on today's entry, here's a link to my last one...


This is just in case you haven't read it and/or would like to read it again.

There's actually a link on that page going back to the one before that which describes Larry's surprise and how it came into being.

I mentioned, of course, that the coloring pages came with some nursing students and their instructor -- but I didn't mention that I got interested in the coloring pages when I was spending time with a beauriful princess named Darrah, and the pages intrigued her, so we both got to coloring them.

Darrah likes to come to Gillespie Tower to visit her grandparents, and she has "adopted" several more of us as extra grandparents and/or playmates.  We always enjoy having her!

Anyway, she was over today, and I gave her one of the copies of the present I'd made for Larry and told her that there would be a surprise for her if she followed the URL that was listed on the poster.

She'll probably be doing this later with her mom and dad, so I hope she likes the surprise of finding out that she's now part of the blog about Larry and what he does.

As Larry says, "It's all about the kids!"

He does lots of wonderful things to make life better for kids!  There should be more people in this world like Larry -- and there should be more people in this world like Darrah!