Jun. 25, 2016

Larry's Surprise (The Sequel)

As I was yesterday, I'm short on time, as I want to catch the early bus back to Muncie so that I'll be at Anna's Bible Study (at one this afternoon), but I did want to give you more details about Larry's surprise and how it came about.

In case you haven't read it yet, here's my last entry...


Over at Gillespie Tower in Muncie (where I'm now living but getting ready to return to Anderson as soon as my name comes up), there are various sorts of entertainment, educational activities, etc. that find their way to our seven-story neighborhood.

One such activity was when several nursing students who were planing on specializing in eldercare got to practice on all of us old fossils.

One of the activities offered was Art Therapy (the name of this tablet full of coloring pages for grown-ups), and, as I showed a definite interest, I was invited to choose several pages to take with me and play around with in my spare time.

It has been fun turning them into everything from greeting cards, to stationery, to posters.

Anyway, there was this one page that was loaded with these circles.  Each circle was divided up into intriguing designs.  They reminded me of looking down on some aluminum pop cans (that is, it the cans were of the type that were extra colorful and pleasing to the eye).

I colored all of the circles in -- after which I traced around a pop tab on all but a few and colored the pop tab design in with a black marker.

After that, I added some script to it -- and, of course, an adorable picture of Larry holding his certificate of excellence from Governor Mike Pence.

Presto!  I now had a poster that was a tribute to Larry and led to the following place on this website that I'd especially dedicated to him...


I laminated Larry's copy after adding a dedication.  The rest of them (which I can have printed off at the library here in Anderson for 25 cents apiece) I've been passing out, posting on bulletin boards, and using as stationery.

On this note, I need to sign off and start to think about returning to the bus station so I won't miss my ride to Muncie.  I could take the later bus in case I did, but the Bible Study would have long been over.

So this is all for now.  Hopefully, I'll get another chance to be online not long from now and write another entry.

Over & Out!!!