Jun. 24, 2016

Larry's Surprise

As I told you in my last entry...


...I was working on a surprise for Larry!

Now that he has it, I can tell you what it is.

It's a special poster that cheers him on as well as getting out information about keeping up with him.

His copy came with lamination and a special dedication.

The other copies I've made aren't laminated.

No dedication either.

But they look great anyway.

I'm using them for hand-outs as well as for stationery (where I write on the other side). 

Time is growing short re: how long I'll be online, as the library will be closing soon, so I'll try to describe them better another day.

But I'll just say now that Larry was like a kid at Christmas when it came to the gift.

When I further describe it (probably, tomorrow before getting on the bus back to Muncie), you'll see how neat it is.

I'll be talking to him again tonight to find out how he's doing re: counting tabs.

Do you think he'll reach the 12,000,000 mark before time to go to Indy?

I believe he will! -- and he's starting to believe it, too!!!