Jun. 23, 2016

Working On A Neat Surprise For Larry!!!

Here is the last report I made on Larry (which also contains a link to the one I made before that one):


At this time, I'm getting to have a little bit more time online -- however, not quite so much as I would like to have, as I'm also taking care of various other things while I'm in Anderson.  I've decided to stay until time to catch the bus back to Muncie on Saturday.  Instead of the late bus, I'm catching the early bus so I won't miss out on Anna's Saturday afternoon Bible Study (more on both Anna and her Bible Study in the future).

But I'm going to tell you something right now:  I'm working on a nice surprise for Larry (a handmade gift).  Will fill you in on more details tomorrow.

That's about it for now, as I got here late, and it's already time to catch the bus...