Jun. 22, 2016

Three Songs (One Mushy), Zillions Of Tabs, & A Beautiful Face In The Crowd!

Yesterday, I was able to do one update on Larry before it was time for me to leave the library.  You can read it by clicking on this link:



I'm now going to share a text from a wonderful lady named Sheila who has been a really big fan of Larry's


I met her and her husband, Sam, last December, and it turned out that they both knew Larry -- in fact, they had, at one time, been neighbors with one of his sisters.  Also, one of their daughters and her family lived close to him and loved how he always cheered on the kids at Shadyside Park's baseball games.


Anyway, when I caught them up with what he was up to these days, they started saving tabs for him.


Recently, Sheila took at road-trip to Myrtle Beach, SC with a friend.  She had planned on getting tabs during her trip -- but hadn't been expecting to get so many (from a woman who had stayed in a Ronald McDonald House when her son -- who, later, passed away -- was in the hospital.  She had been collecting tabs to give in his memory but hadn't done so yet but thought that giving them to Larry, after being told about him, was what she wanted to do).

Anyway, there were probably 150,000 (give or take) in that collection, and Larry was sooooooooooo excited when he told me about this later.


I texted Sheila to thank her, and this is what she wrote back:



Lol  I told him I would collect while I was gone but didn't know I would come back with thousands  I knew his face would be priceless!!!!!




Larry has (as I've mentioned thousands of times) the most adorably-expressive face that is simply heartmelting.  There are several songs that remind me of Larry, and this is one of them:



I believe that most people who know Larry would agree with me, because he's a kid-at-heart BIGTIME!

Speaking of songs, the main character of this next song makes me think of how people really look forward to driving by his apartment house on North Broadway and seeing him out there waving -- and how, even after he's passed on, there's going to be a special feeling about that special angel in that special spot and how much cheer he always brought.  Hopefully, he'll be around for many more years...





Please don't kill me, Larry, if you happen to see this!!!  I KNOW that, since we're just good buddies instead of boyfriend and girlfriend (even though I confess that I have a HUGE crush on you), this might seem to be a little too mushy in spots, but I couldn't resist sharing it -- and I think that it applies to good buddies, too, because I never want us to stop being good buddies no matter what!

Besides, I think that the sentiments expressed in this song would be shared by most people who know you because it celebrates how wonderfully-unique you are and how glad we are that you're in the world spreading your special joy!

But I was watching this video several months ago, and my eyes about popped out when the place on the video got to around 2:02.

Everybody who watches this, please take note of what happens at that point!  You won't believe your eyes!!!

It makes me want to get in touch with this wonderful Sixties folk-pop group and tell them that this video version of their song reminds me of the BEYONDamazing Larry "The CanMan" Van Ness!!!

OKAY!  Without further ado...here it is!!! .......


And, on this note, I'm going to close today's entry!!!