May. 19, 2016

Does Anybody Have A Camera Handy? or Calling All Hoosiers!!! (The Sequel)

Only a little bit ago, I made a blog-entry here called Calling All Hoosiers!!!

Anyway, there has been an update to that provided by Laura Baich who is the Electronic Marketing Manager at I.U. Press.

As you'll be able to see, she left a 3-part message on this page, which I'll now share as one post and even give it a special font and color...

"We learned of Larry Van Ness's story after the submission deadline was over for Undeniably Indiana. So unfortunately he will not be included in the book.

However, we are publishing another crowdsourced Indiana book called One Day in May. This will be a photo book.

So if you can take a picture of Larry on May 20 and submit it to us, perhaps his photo will be selected. More info here: "

Anyway...if you live in the area, get on over to Larry's place on May 20 and start taking pictures of him.  I'm not sure if he'll even be out, as I haven't had the chance to tell him the news yet.

I was actually under the impression that nominations were open through September 1, but I guess the editors got enough responses earlier than they thought they would.

No matter...I hope that at least some of the people who put together this book will get down to the Ronald McDonald House Of Indiana's pop-tab and coin drop-off on Monument Circle this coming July 15.  Larry will be there, and anyone who shows up will get to meet him.

Whether you plan on going or not, I hope you'll click on the link for RMH to find out more about the difference this place makes in the lives of families who have children staying long-term at Riley Children's Hospital.

Hopefully, you'll be inspired to find one or more ways that you can help keep this mission alive and well.