May. 5, 2016

Brass Tacks (Part Two)


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Larry is now almost to the halfway point (500,000) of collecting his current million in tabs, which is going to be 12,000,000.

As he has gotten more and more well-known, he has received more and more tabs from more and more places.

However, his tabs only go to one of many Ronald McDonald Houses (in his case Ronald McDonald House Of Indiana -- which isn't even the only Ronald McDonald House in Indiana.

Larry has -- with the help of a number of other people -- done a whole lot, but there is so much more to be done.

The purpose of the Brass Tacks series is to give you the reader more background on Ronald McDonald Houses -- and on the subject of recycling in general and how important it is.

At this time, my time is almost up for being online today, so I'm going to sign off and continue this series tomorrow (God willing and the creek don't rise...)

(to be continued)