May. 4, 2016

Brass Tacks (Part One)


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Let's put it this way...

It has been quite a while since I was able to both get online and to have time to post here.

You see, I'm not connected to the Internet at home at this time, so I end up being connected whenever I'm able to get online in a public place such as a library.

Anyway, at this time, I'm at the Anderson Public Library, and I'm making time to write this.

Here's what my last post looks like:

Click Me!

Anyway, at the time, I thought that I'd be posting more quickly and had set out to write a story in different parts.

It looks as if that's what I'm still doing, as I've already designated this post as Part One.

But this is about getting down to Brass Tacks.

This is the basic thing re: what has been going on...

Recently, Larry went viral on YouTube, thanks to WTHR out of Indianapolis (Channel 13).

Click here to watch it.

But where do we go from here?