Feb. 29, 2016

Newsworthy To The Max -- And Soon Able To Eat Anything!!!

So much has been happening when it comes to Larry!

For one thing, his last count made of tabs from a few days ago came to 825,340 away from 12,000,000 collected since he began in 2003.

However, I can assure you that there are now many, Many, MANY more tabs awaiting his counting since this last bunch of stats.  However, he's been getting distracted due to so many things going on with him.

For one thing, he just turned 69 on February 17 and was shocked to find out just how many people were celebrating his birthday with him at Ponderosa Steak House in Anderson.

For another thing, he'll soon have dentures that will fit in his cute, little mouth and enable him to eat food he hasn't eaten in ages.

When I have more time, I'm going to go into more detail about this.  However, I'm limited on time right now, so I'm going to give you some news that will enable you to see Larry in action.

He's going to have his story told on on the following days at different times:
WTHR-13 Eyewitness News .

Wednesday, March 9, on the evening news that begins at 5:30 (Note:  You might want to start watching at 5:00 to make sure that you don't miss it just in case they decide to air it a bit earlier.

Thursday, March 10, on the noon news.

Sunday, March 13, on the early morning news.

As you can imagine, he's like a little kid at Christmas!  Awllllllll.........

P.S. I'm going to add a link to my previous entry to this so that you'll at least have the name of the wonderful dentist and the angel who got it all arranged.  Tania is also one of the main driving forces connected to getting him on WTHR's news.  She's having a birthday on March 7, so, if you're online, look her up on Facebook and wish her a happy one!