Dec. 22, 2015

Larry & Other Special Very Special Luminaries

I'm now the official President of the Larry "The CanMan" Van Ness Fan Club  -- taking after Aunt Kate who, for many years, was the President of the Hank Snow Fan Club (and the regional one for Marty Robbins, as well).  But that's another story altogether for another blog-entry...

I hope that I get online at home very soon so that I can keep up with this blog (and my website-in-general) a whole lot better.

Anyway, for starters, here's a link to the entire blog so that you can easily go back and read previous entries -- some which are pretty well-put-together and others that aren't all that shabby but, still, exhibit the flakiness of somebody who's in a major hurry:


But I have a whole lot to share in this blog-entry with one of those things being that the last stats I received from Larry (last night -- December 21) had him at 923,190 away from reaching his 12,000,000th tab collected for Ronald McDonald House since he began doing this in 2003.


Just by looking at various blog-entries, you can see how quickly those tabs collect!


I'd like to share a couple of links with you now leading to another unique happening in Anderson:


I got to see these for the first time with some new friends I met during my last trip over to Anderson, and I believe that any Disney park would be hard-pressed to top this wonderful display -- and, certainly, at the price we were required to pay (FREE!).


Let me say here that, even though this wonderful display is free for the viewing, the people behind this amazing entertainment encourage giving donations (100% of which go to Team Rubicon)


But I want to talk about lights.

As you can see, Edge-WOOD-Lights are beyond-amazing.  The pageant (which plays over and over) lasts a little over 1/2 hour.

However, there are some lights that just last for a flash of time so that, if you aren't looking, you'll miss them...things such as:

the breaking of dawn

a flash of lightning

the short duration of a single aerial shell in a fireworks display


the way that Larry's eyes -- and, in fact, his whole face -- will light up when he gets tabs.

He appreciates each one, and, even though he's called "The CanMan," he knows that it takes countless people donating to his campaign (raising funds for Ronald McDonald House Of Indiana through donating can tabs) to make it a success.

He says that tabs get collected one-at-a-time. 

However, when he gets a whole bunch at once, his face lights up even more -- and such a thing happened here recently.

The evening before I left for Anderson this last time, I was walking back from the downtown branch of Muncie Public Library when a young man called to me from across West Jackson Street asking me if I were the lady who collected tabs.

I told him that I was and where they went, and he told me that he had some saved in a container in his home.  We made arrangements to meet at the near-by Village Pantry (VP, for short) so that he could give it to me to take over with me.

The jar (mustard-yellow with a dark-blue lid) must have been at least a foot tall and close to the same in circumference at its widest part, and it felt loaded to me!

However, I behaved myself and didn't peek until Larry and I got together at Anderson Public Library on Thursday afternoon (I was doing other things such as getting my hair cut -- and, of course, spending an enjoyable time with Sheila & Sam who took me to Ponderosa Steak House for their buffet and out to look at Christmas lights, including the one in Edgewood!

Anyway, Larry and I looked into that container together to find out that it was full up to within an inch of its top -- and that was one of those times when Larry's face became a poem of light!  I mean you should have seen that priceless expression on his face!!!

Larry and I both hope that the young man who donated the jar of tabs will read this blog-entry and know that the count of tabs in that big jar came to 3,442 !!!  We both thank you bunches for being part of this!!!

There's more I can say, but I'm running out-of-time.  Next time I'm online, I'll tell you more about how wonderful this holiday season has been -- including a surprise ride back to Muncie on a very chilly night.  But more about that next time...