Dec. 17, 2015

Greetings From Anderson, Indiana USA!!!

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Right now, I'm in Anderson and don't have much time left to be online at this time, as I need to catch the bus back to Muncie before long.

However, I WILL say "ThankYou!" to some of the employees of the North Broadway branch of Old National Bank who bought a pair of boots for Larry.  He was so excited when he told me the news about that.  I haven't seen the boots yet, but I've seen the sparkle in his beautiful, blue eyes when he talked about this gift.

And you should have seen the expression on his face when he got a whole bunch of tabs today from one of my neighbors in Muncie!  But I'll save that (plus more details about the boots and other things) for when I have more time to stay online.

I also met a couple of wonderful angels named Sheila and Sam who turned out to have a special connection to Larry.  In fact, I met several special angels during this week.  Again, I'm trying to get something written that will catch you up some while still not causing me to miss the last bus back to Muncie.

Hopefully, I'll be back online next week -- and it looks as if I'll soon be back online at home as well!!!

That's all for now!!!  Keep the cans and tabs headed Larry's way if you know where he lives and/or hangs out...