Dec. 8, 2015

Focus On Families

This is under construction.  You can watch me build it...


Today is Tuesday, December 8, and I'm online at the library.

The last time I talked to Larry was Sunday night.  We were going to talk on Monday, but I was having problems with my phone -- and I'm not sure if Larry were even home.  He probably had a change of plans after thinking that he would be home yesterday.  I'm pretty sure that he's not at home tonight, as he was planning to go to a Christmas party.

Anyway, the last stats I got on his tab-collecting was Sunday night, and he told me that he was (at that time) 940,705 away from collecting his 12,000,000 tab for Ronald McDonald House Of Indiana

In this entry, I would like to share with you the stories of some of the families that the gathering of tabs has helped out -- and how those families have also remained active in contributing in various ways to the continuing story of the multi-faceted mission of RMH.

I would also like to provide a link  to a previous entry that I began working on the last time I had time to work on it.