Sep. 10, 2015

What's It All About?

Last night, I tolked to Larry again and found out that he's now just 188,807 away from collecting his 11,000,000th pop can tab for Indiana's Ronald McDonald House since he began doing this back in 2003!!!

This is pretty amazing, to say the least.

The fact that Larry is still around to take part in this special mission is really amazing in and of itself -- but I'll share that elsewhere at a later time.

Even so, Larry can't --and doesn't-- do it all.  Not even here in Indiana!

If you go here to this page of Wikipedia

--as well as visiting their official website--
you will find out much more about Ronald McDonald House Charities (e.g. history, current events, and so many different locations)!!!

There's something for anyone reading this to do, so, as one of Larry's many slogan-ed t-shirts says: