Sep. 7, 2015

Sleeping Tonight & Counting Tomorrow (Tonight's Larry Report)

Larry and I won't be talking again until Wednesday night -- which works well with both of us, as I need to be continuing to work on my website and taking breaks from it to get some other things done.  I will probably plan on going to bed a bit earlier tomorrow night, since I won't be up talking to Larry.

On the other hand, I might be up late continuing to work on this site some but, also, not being a stranger to Facebook.

Then, I have some real-life things to do -- among them, getting in touch by phone with Betty, Jane, Don, and a few others.  Speaking of Betty, I need to bring her page up to date, as a lot has happened since I last updated it.  She has had quite a summer of (mostly) great news.

Anyway, people have been giving Larry so many cans and tabs that he's probably going to be spending nearly the entire day counting the tabs (and separating the ones still attached to their cans), and I'll be doing this 'n' that of whatever it is exactly that I do.

But, here's the count for tonight:  201,890

PTL ShellFox has been acting a tad contrary at various times throughout the day, so I want to go ahead and get this posted just in case it decides to have a total meltdown and ends up needing hours of rest before it can function again.

However, I plan on making a new blog-entry here sometime before I call Larry again on Wednesday night just to give you some highlights of some of the exciting things that have been happening to him lately.

For now, however, it's off to Facebook to make sure that everybody was able to survive without me!  L 😋 L