So.......Who's The PenLady? & Who's The CanMan? (And Other FAQs)

PenLady refers to none other than yours truly.

Actually, I'm sure that it refers to at least a few other writers who happen to be female (kinda like First Lady isn't limited to, say, Michelle Obama, Mamie Eisenhower, & Eleanor Roosevelt but is also a description of Barbara Bush, Roselyn Carter, & Betty Ford -- plus several more).

However, in this particular place, it refers to me.

The same goes for CanMan.  I've actually (through Googling) found out that there are other CanMen with some even named Larry.  I've also found out that there are other people on the planet who have the first name of Larry combined with the last name of Van Ness.

However, in this particular place, it refers to Anderson, Indiana's own Larry "The CanMan" Van Ness, a very unique and much-loved gentleman who has lived (and continues to live -- at least, as of when I'm writing this on the first day of September in the year of our Lord 2015 -- and, hopefully, for many decades more) an amazing and miraculous life!!!


It's now almost a week later (Labor Day, too) when I've returned to build this page (and other parts of my website.

I seem to have a whole lot of activity going on in my life, and you can find out more by going here:

I'm One Reason Why Round Tuit Stock Is Soaring!

But I'm now ready to get on with designing my website until it's time to quit for awhile to visit one of my neighbors to celebrate Labor Day.  This neighbor, by the way, is one of the many people who help to add to Larry's tab collection!

I will (after visiting with Ronny) then (or so I think now) resume working on the website until it's time to call Larry tonight.  I can probably actually manage to do that, if I limit my time at Facebook (Can't promise to stay totally-clear of it, as there are too many important things going on at this time) and keep my phone turned off.

Anyway, here are three FAQs for you to explore:

FAQ #1:  How did I meet Larry?

FAQ #2:  What makes Larry so special that he's getting his own special place on my website?

FAQ #3:  So, how can I keep tabs on The CanMan?

This third and final linked question leads to a blog that I'll frequently be using to keep you up with this super-amazing guy.  Be sure to check back often!!!