Sep. 7, 2015

Ainsley Rae -- Happy To Be Me

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I wasn't even looking for this great website -- just stumbled across it while doing a Google search for something I'd written.

Anyway, it's about this family who has been blessed with three kids, and their youngest one (named Ainsley Rae) is a plucky, fun-loving young lady who doesn't let her challenges get in the way of living a full and fun-filled life.

Her amazing family has (an understatement!) played a great part in giving her the opportunity for this quality-of-life, and her mom put together this blog, in part, to share lots of helpful information with others who might need it.

It's really neat that she has a name that sounds like the names of my late mom and dad (Ainsley and Ray).

For those who are confused because you think my mom's name is Lillian, her name IS Lillian -- as in Lillian Ainsley (nee: Jobe) Phillips, but she mostly went by her middle name.

You can find out more about that by doing a Google search for something I wrote called Lillian's Law.

Just put in that phrase and, then, add "Ainsley" to the mix.