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And Here They Are...

Who Am I, Anyway!?!

This. as with the page you're now on, is a subpage of this website's home page, but I'm giving it a special place here to make sure that it doesn't get overlooked, as it's an autobiography of sorts but a fluid one rather one that is totally-finished, because it will be continued to be added on to for so long as I'm both around and able to add to it.


It's Your Turn Now!

This is my guestbook.  After you've had the chance to look around for awhile, please go here and introduce yourself along with meeting others who have also left a part of themselves behind.  It's a friendly place to gather!


PTL ShellFox

This is the story of how my laptop (given to me on 7/10/15 and connected at home on 7/31/15) got its name.


Currently, I'm...

This is something on the order of Tweeting -- only without the length limits...


Linkin' Logs

This is a blog with the main purpose of sharing links to various places along with some description of what they're about.


My Feel-Good Page

A growing assortment of positive places to go in Cyberspace.


My Simple Life

This is a blog created for the purpose of an ongoing sharing of my experiences re: being a Simple Site user.


Superhighway 45

How I got to be a first-time Internet user a little over three months before I turned 46.  Includes both a prequel and a sequel.


Just Hanging Out...

Various Social Sites/Writing Sites/Etc. where I'm active to some degree or another...

1 PenLady + 1 CanMan

This is the place for all things CanMan (or something like that).  Might not be all things, but, by going here, you'll be able to get to know an amazing gentleman named Larry Eugene "The CanMan" Van Ness quite a bit better and learn why I think he's so amazing!


 From Here 2 Eternity

A section to celebrate the various phases of life...


2 B Continued...


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