My personal experiences while using

Aug. 21, 2015

I'm on a pretty strict budget these days and have to think twice (at least) before deciding to begin paid subscriptions, etc.

In fact, deciding to take out a subscription here at SimpleSite (in order to have a domain in Cyberspace where I could pull myself together more) was something I had to think over before actually diving into it, even though it came to under $5 for my first month and would average out at under $10 per month (paid quarterly, starting in a month).  You're looking at somebody who thinks twice these days before going to White Castle or even buying a candy bar.

However -- to make a long story short -- I decided to take a leap of faith and go for it, and, so far, I don't regret it and doubt if I ever will.

At this time, I'm a little over three months away from my 63rd birthday (which will be taking place on December 12), and I will be an Internet user for 17 years, come September.

I've just created a page called Superhighway 45 that will, eventually, trace my experience as a user up to now (stopping at August 21, 2015 when I began constructing this website).

Anyway, it's been pretty smoothgoing so far with the only glitches being those where my "brand-new" but "gently-used" laptop gets a tad contrary at times.