Aug. 11, 2018

It's August 11, 2018 & I've Got Lots To Celebrate!

Today is Saturday, August 11, 2018, & I've got lots to celebrate -- with part of the celebration being remembering special friends on their birthday.  

At this time, I'm putting together what I call a TweetSequence of eleven (since we're into the 11th day of August) amazing songs, and I'll be returning here to share a LINK to them after I've finished.  Here's a clue: if the previous writing of LINK has become a hyperlink, then, it can be clicked on to get to the music.

First, however, let me tell you about this day.

It was originally a day when I was going to go out and run some errands.  However, I changed my mind and will run the same errands on Monday when our buses are running for the entire day instead of on their short Saturday schedule.

This change-of-plans feels good to me.

It means that I have some priority things that I not only CAN but, also, NEED to tend to right here at home, and my focus needs to be on those things.

I can't believe how quickly this day is going by!

Anyway, I'd like for you to check out this link:

My Purple Crayon & "THE BIG PROJECT", as that is where this celebration is moving to next...