May. 1, 2018

Three More Wonderful Months!!!

I've just paid for three more wonderful months of AinsleyJo1952 here at SimpleSite!!!

At this time, I'm on a very tight budget for a number of reasons.  Hopefully, that will be easing up very soon.

At this time in my life, I'm robbing Peter to pay Paul, and keeping this website going is one of my priorities.  A very nice lady at SimpleSite named Luisa has been working with me.

I'm getting closer and closer to grand-opening "THE BIG PROJECT"

It's actually being opened in baby-steps, and here is the latest part of it that I'm putting together.  Pardon my construction dust...

Anyway, I'm just taking life a day at a time and, hopefully, learning important lessons along the way that I can both use and share.

Spring is truly here, and, with it, comes countless possibilities!!!