Aug. 21, 2017

We Have A Lot Of Catching Up To Do (Part One)

It's plain to see that we have a lot of catching up to do, as I'm not living in the same place as I was the last time I wrote something here.

On Wednesday, November 16, 2016, I locked the door of my apartment at Gillespie Tower in Muncie, Indiana for the last time and put the key in the office drop-box (as it was well after-hours) before riding with one of my neighbors (Gilbert) and his uncle over to Anderson where they helped me to put the remainder of my belongings brought over into storage.

For the next several hours, I was back to having a status that I hadn't had in over two years:

being part of the homeless population

But, this time, it was a homelessness of a very temporary sort where I knew that I would be signing the lease to my new apartment at Village At White River before another day had passed.

This was a time of celebration for me!!!

Right at this time, I'm working on a general making my Internet presence more streamlined -- and a more specific project of trying to help a good and deserving friend to break out of a cycle of poverty that has put her into a crawling-out-of-quicksand mode.

As there is a lot of urgency in connection with the latter, I don't have time to say more at this time except to say that I'll be posting a lot more in this blog in the time to come as well as doing a lot of work on updating this website, so don't expect me to be a stranger here.

I'm now hooked up to the Internet at home and expect to be so indefinitely, God willing and the creek don't rise...ttyl 🙂❤