May. 4, 2016

Grrrrr! Guess What I'm Doing Now!

Currently, I'm fighting with my blasted cell phone!

For some reason, my reception flew South just when I needed it to be clear.  I think it has more to do with where I'm at in the library than my phone, as my Internet connection also got a little goofy for awhile -- and the lady to my right said that she was having trouble with her phone, too.

Anyway, I had some important business to take care of, and it was like the person on the other end was only hearing about every other word of what I had to say.

Then, there was this thing re: even getting connected.

WHY must my phone SHRIEK at me to announce that it's unable to connect!?!

The signal of this status sounds like a LOUD smoke alarm that goes into my left ear and tries to rip a hole in the eardrum so that it can travel beyond the hole; through my brain; and out of my right ear canal!

Anyway, Larry's expecting a call from me tonight, so it'd better be doing what it's supposed to do by then at least -- and my personal preference is that it would start acting like it knows its role in my life even before then!

That's all for now...