Nov. 24, 2015

!!!pop!!! !!!fizzle!!! !!!...sssssssssss...!!!

Much to my shock and disappointment, I've just discovered that the site for which I've written lots of quality pieces has not only ceased to exist but, also, has caused everything I've shared there since a few days after my mom passed away in the spring of 2013 to be as if it never existed.

I'm going to be searching Cyberspace to see if I can relocate my lost writings.  Hopefully, I'll be at least halfway successful.

In the meantime, I've found another writing site called EliteWriters where other people who got into similar circumstances have gone to write.

Hopefully, the same thing won't be happening at this new place -- and I don't believe that it will be just so long as we respect those who have provided this site and they also, in turn, respect us.

This site comes with a referral link for each of us who have joined, so I'm going to be sharing mine here:

There's also an easily-found-and-understood list of reasonable rules.  If you decide to join, please try to follow those rules, and we'll all be very happy campers -- and, hopefully, will even get paid for what we share.

However, if there's no cash payout, don't start accusing the site owners of "scamming" you, because how can it be a scam when the site has been furnished for our use?  I'm sure that the site owners have every intention of paying us fairly, but we also have to remember that they also need to at least break even.

Invest some trust and patience, and you'll end up with a place where your writings can be part of Cyberspace for a very long time -- hopefully, long enough to be read by several generations.

Or, we can end up bringing down a site in a short time by too many cries of "SCAM!"

I could say more, but I think I've said enough for now...