Something like Tweeting -- only greater-in-length...

May. 4, 2016

Currently, I'm fighting with my blasted cell phone!

For some reason, my reception flew South just when I needed it to be clear.  I think it has more to do with where I'm at in the library than my phone, as my Internet connection also got a little goofy for awhile -- and the lady to my right said that she was having trouble with her phone, too.

Anyway, I had some important business to take care of, and it was like the person on the other end was only hearing about every other word of what I had to say.

Then, there was this thing re: even getting connected.

WHY must my phone SHRIEK at me to announce that it's unable to connect!?!

The signal of this status sounds like a LOUD smoke alarm that goes into my left ear and tries to rip a hole in the eardrum so that it can travel beyond the hole; through my brain; and out of my right ear canal!

Anyway, Larry's expecting a call from me tonight, so it'd better be doing what it's supposed to do by then at least -- and my personal preference is that it would start acting like it knows its role in my life even before then!

That's all for now...

Dec. 3, 2015

...As in food for thought...

This is going to be done like a progressive dinner party a bit at a time to make sure that everything ends up getting printed.

In case you don't know what a progressive dinner party is, it's a party where guests go from location to location, eating a different course at each location from appetizer to dessert.

In order to make sure that each and every part of this gets printed, I'm going to add to it a little bit at a time...

For example, let's see if this sentence gets added...

Things seem to be coming along, but I'm still going to proceed with caution.  The part that I'm now adding is a kind of recap of this blog where I'm going to give you links to previous entries...

Numero Uno!

No Computer At Home Until "?"

!!!pop!!! !!!fizzle!!! !!!...sssssssssss...!!!

Now, we will get on to some new business, and that is linking you to the entry I'm in the process of building in my blog about Larry "The CanMan" Van Ness.  If you see it completely finished, you'll know that it's finished.  If it isn't, it's still under construction.

At this time, I'm going to take a break from here to do other things here and there in Cyberspace.   Likely, you'll soon be seeing me over at Facebook

(To be continued)


Nov. 24, 2015

Much to my shock and disappointment, I've just discovered that the site for which I've written lots of quality pieces has not only ceased to exist but, also, has caused everything I've shared there since a few days after my mom passed away in the spring of 2013 to be as if it never existed.

I'm going to be searching Cyberspace to see if I can relocate my lost writings.  Hopefully, I'll be at least halfway successful.

In the meantime, I've found another writing site called EliteWriters where other people who got into similar circumstances have gone to write.

Hopefully, the same thing won't be happening at this new place -- and I don't believe that it will be just so long as we respect those who have provided this site and they also, in turn, respect us.

This site comes with a referral link for each of us who have joined, so I'm going to be sharing mine here:

There's also an easily-found-and-understood list of reasonable rules.  If you decide to join, please try to follow those rules, and we'll all be very happy campers -- and, hopefully, will even get paid for what we share.

However, if there's no cash payout, don't start accusing the site owners of "scamming" you, because how can it be a scam when the site has been furnished for our use?  I'm sure that the site owners have every intention of paying us fairly, but we also have to remember that they also need to at least break even.

Invest some trust and patience, and you'll end up with a place where your writings can be part of Cyberspace for a very long time -- hopefully, long enough to be read by several generations.

Or, we can end up bringing down a site in a short time by too many cries of "SCAM!"

I could say more, but I think I've said enough for now...

Nov. 19, 2015

Hopefully, the weather will keep cooperating until I'm able to get re-connected at home again.

However, my goddaughter and her family are dealing with a lot of issues with the big one being the terminal illness of her father-in-law, so I'm not sure when she'll be ready to finish repairing what I screwed up with an attempt at DIY.

Perhaps, my screw-up was a blessing, as what I was trying to fix was, likely, caused by a virus.

Anyway, the weather is still very good, and it's pleasant to be out-and-about.

When I have more time, I'm going to tell you more about my going to and from Muncie's Downtown Carnegie Library to use their computer lab -- with one thing being that I generally end up taking "the scenic route" there.

These days, with the days growing shorter, the scenic route is pretty much one-way.  Once the days get longer again, the scenic route will be enjoyed both ways.

I have so much to tell you.  It looks as if the weather will be cooperating this next week, so, likely, I'll be able to make my way to and from the library on both Monday and Tuesday.

Please keep Michelle and her family in your prayers, love, and positive thoughts, as well as my cousin, Phil, whom I'm about to check on, as he's been dealing with some serious health problems these days.

I've been avoiding Facebook like the plague today so that I can get some things done over here, but I'm about to go there for awhile in the time I have left before the computers shut down for the day.

More to come next week...

Aug. 21, 2015

Here I sit writing my first post on this blog in this website in my brand-new domain:

Some of the features won't be working for another 24-48 hours, but I'm scratching around to see what is.

Need to think about paying a couple of bills today.

Downstairs in our community room, a box of Muddy Buddies (Peanut Butter & Chocolate) individual serving bags arrived while we were eating lunch.  FREE for the taking!!! We all took very generously.  I've eaten the contents of a couple of those bags while I've been sitting here typing away.

They come in even more flavors than this.

For more information, go here:

It's now 1:30 PM and a little after.

Will I have my final two bills of August paid by or before 2:30 PM and a little after?

I probably should be taking a break from this and get with it...  Hehe